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Practice Areas

Bolognese & Associates is a nationally recognized leader in the area of complex litigation, and has served in a leadership role in many of the most important and substantial class action cases, including:

Antitrust Litigation: For nearly 30 years, the firm's attorneys have represented individuals and businesses in antitrust class action suits to recover damages resulting from violations of the federal and state antitrust laws, including actions involving price-fixing, customer allocation, geographical allocation and other forms of anticompetitive conduct involving a broad array of products and services. Mr. Bolognese has served as Co-Lead Counsel and in other leadership roles in some of the largest and most complex antitrust actions in the last two decades. These actions have resulted in recoveries for our clients totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, and have, in several instances, resulted in substantial industry-wide therapeutic measures and other reforms designed to enhance competition and prevent future antitrust violations.

Consumer Protection Litigation: Mr. Bolognese has served in a leadership role in a number of state and federal lawsuits alleging violations of laws that seeks to prevent consumer deception and abuse, and unfair trade practices aimed at consumers generally. These actions have not only resulted in substantial monetary recoveries but, as with the firm's antitrust and securities actions, have resulted in meaningful therapeutic reforms.

Whistleblower Law: Mr. Bolognese has represented and advised individuals of their rights under various state and federal "whistleblower" laws, which protect certain public and private sector employees from retaliation for reporting illegal, improper, or unethical practices they observe, become familiar with or experience, and in certain instances, provide incentives for persons who bring improper practices to light.

"Opt-Out" Antitrust Litigation:  Mr. Bolognese has also acted as counsel to individual claimants who have excluded themselves, or "opted out," of nationwide class actions, primarily price-fixing and monopolization actions, to pursue their antitrust claims independently of the plaintiff class.  The firm's experience in evaluating and pursuing opt-out representation in select instances provides the firm's clients with the option of deciding how best to pursue their claims and vindicate their interests.

Business and Commercial Litigation: In addition to its class action practice, the firm's attorneys have extensive experience in representing business clients in a broad array of commercial disputes, including:

Payment for Professional Services Rendered: disputes involving non-payment for professional services rendered (including legal, accounting, forensic accounting, engineering and other professional services), and related counterclaims for malpractice and other failure to perform and deficient performance.

Coverage and Indemnification Under Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance Policies: disputes arising when corporate directors and officers sued for breach of fiduciary duty and other similar violations are denied coverage under directors' and officers' liability insurance policies, including such claims alleging bad faith denial of coverage.

Bad Faith Denial or Delay Of Insurance Coverage or Payment Of Insurance Benefits: disputes involving the obligation of insurers to investigate and respond to claims of insureds promptly and in good faith, denying claims in bad faith, and hindering settlement of third party claims without factual or legal basis.

Disputes Involving International Business Transactions: disputes involving contracts and parties with international implications, including disputes involving United States nationals and parties located in the European Union. Disputes Involving Business Torts and Other Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices: a wide variety of commercial tort disputes, including claims such as fraud, misappropriation of trade secrets, corporate espionage, violation of restrictive covenants, and tortious interference with business opportunities.

Professional Liability Claims Against Financial Professionals for Misfeasance and Malpractice: claims against third party professionals for misfeasance and malpractice, including claims brought on behalf of a trustee in bankruptcy against auditors and other financial advisors for damages resulting from flawed audits.

Disputes Involving Partnerships and Closely Held Companies: disputes involving the rights and obligations of business partners and shareholders in closely held corporations and joint ventures, both among between and among themselves, as well as third parties, including breach of contract and breach of statutory and fiduciary duty actions brought by limited and minority partners under partnership and limited partnership agreements, and claims arising in connection with the dissolution of business entities.

Claims Against Corporate Officers and Directors for Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Misappropriation of Corporate Assets: direct and derivative claims against officers and directors of companies who mismanage corporate affairs and assets, and misappropriate corporate assets and opportunities.

Franchise Litigation: Franchise owners and owner groups often unwittingly find themselves on the wrong end of transactions with their franchisor or find themselves in deals that have gone awry. In these difficult financial times, every dollar counts. We fight for franchise owners and owner groups with respect to overcharge matters, self dealing, wrongful termination of franchise, collection or imposition of inappropriate franchise fees, and franchisor supply restrictions. Our firm will evaluate your dispute at no cost to you and will be a strong advocate for and asset to your business.
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