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Complex Business & Commercial Litigation

In addition to its class action practice, Mr. Bolognese has extensive experience in representing business clients in a broad array of commercial disputes, including:

Breach of Contract Litigation: disputes between and among business persons and entities concerning their respective rights and obligations under commercial contracts, such as:

Payment for Professional Services Rendered: disputes involving non-payment for professional services rendered (including legal, accounting, forensic accounting, engineering and other professional services), and related counterclaims for malpractice and other failure to perform and deficient performance.

Coverage and Indemnification Under Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policies: disputes arising when corporate directors and officers sued for breach of fiduciary duty and other similar violations are denied coverage under directors' and officers' liability insurance policies, including such claims alleging bad faith denial of coverage.

Bad Faith Denial or Delay Of Insurance Coverage or Payment Of Insurance Benefits: disputes involving the obligation of insurers to investigate and respond to claims of insureds promptly and in good faith, denying claims in bad faith, and hindering settlement of third party claims without factual or legal basis.

Disputes Involving International Business Transactions: disputes involving contracts and parties with international implications, including disputes involving United States nationals and parties located in the European Union.

Disputes Involving Business Torts and Other Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices: a wide variety of commercial tort disputes, including claims such as fraud, misappropriation of trade secrets, corporate espionage, violation of restrictive covenants, and tortious interference with business opportunities.

Professional Liability Claims Against Financial Professionals for Misfeasance and Malpractice: claims against third party professionals for misfeasance and malpractice, including claims brought on behalf of a trustee in bankruptcy against auditors and other financial advisors for damages resulting from flawed audits.

Construction Litigation:
claims involving defects in commercial and residential construction.

Disputes Involving Partnerships and Closely Held Companies: disputes involving the rights and obligations of business partners and shareholders in closely held corporations and joint ventures, both between and among themselves, as well as third parties, including breach of contract and breach of statutory and fiduciary duty actions brought by limited and minority partners under partnership and limited partnership agreements, and claims arising in connection with the dissolution of business entities.

Claims Against Corporate Officers and Directors for Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Misappropriation of Corporate Assets: direct and derivative claims against officers and directors of companies who mismanage corporate affairs and assets, and misappropriate corporate assets and opportunities.
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