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We are a complex business litigation firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The firm's practice focuses upon complex commercial litigation, and consists of counseling and advising clients in several general practice areas: litigation arising under federal antitrust laws, and state and federal consumer protection laws; "opt-out" Litigation, brought on behalf of persons and entities who exclude themselves from class actions and elect to pursue their claims individually; and other types of complex commercial litigation, involving claims arising in a broad array of business contexts.  We also represent and advise individuals of their rights under various state and federal "whistleblower" laws.
The firm's attorneys have extensive experience in counseling clients whose businesses range from regional to national to global.  Bolognese & Associates has the experience, the personnel and the resources to fully investigate and, if appropriate, prosecute our clients' claims in federal and state courts and in arbitration tribunals nationwide. For international matters, the firm maintains relationships with well-regarded lawyers in the European Union, to whom the firm may refer matters within their unique expertise.
We are goal oriented and do not engage in or prolong litigation for litigation's sake.

Our job is to zealously represent our clients in a manner consistent with the Canons of Professional Responsibility, and to secure the best outcome that is possible in any given case.

We have retained our credibility with the Courts by focusing on what truly matters and what is legitimately in dispute. 

We meticulously prepare each case with an eye towards trial.  This approach has maximized our clients’ recoveries because our adversaries know that we have the experience, the ability and the resources to pursue cases to the fullest extent that successful results demand, through trial and appeals.

We have a long and impressive track record of achievement and have been recognized by Courts, commentators, clients, co-counsel, and even opposing counsel as a national leader in the area of complex commercial litigation.
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